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Amazon Web Services Hosting Migration


Katapult had a number of client websites on various hosting platforms with a number of different hosting providers all billed separately, a disorganised and expensive arrangement. Additionally some of these sites no longer required content management functionality as they were only used for reference.

Initially we converted the sites no longer requiring CMS features to static HTML utilising web crawlers, and made copies of all the sites requiring content management and their databases.

We then registered an Amazon Web Services account and created a Ubuntu EC2 instance and an RDS database instance. We installed an ultra optimised web stack of Varnish Cache, Nginx, PHP FPM, APC Cache and utilised the MySQL RDS instance.

Utilising this advanced hosting stack allowed all the sites to initially run on Micro EC2 and Micro RDS instances - utilising the free tier of AWS and totally eliminating hosting in-costs. This was later upgraded to a small instance as capacity requirement increased.

The end result for the client was an efficient, secure, manageable hosting infrastructure and a considerable cost saving on the old infrastructure.

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