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Employee Feedback Management System


Hay Group, a long standing SOUK Digital client and Vodafone approached us with an interesting problem. Hay provide global outsourced HR services for Vodafone, who were finding that the booking of employee and candidate assessments was an inefficient and difficult process which they wanted to streamline. This requirement was global with Hay providing services for all Vodafone’s operating companies and territories.

We developed an assessment booking and tracking tool based on SugarCRM, this tool allowed Vodafone employees globally to book assessments and Hay Group to update the status of these assessments to completion.

The tool provided a complete audit trail, ensuring nothing gets missed and enables global co-workers in different time zones to work together more easily.

We also included a complex user model allowing Vodafone regional staff only access to their data and ensuring the ability to update status was only available to Hay Group.

The system includes full email notification of new assessments, status changes and updates all sent to the correct people.

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