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Many Creative Agencies will insist on the creative freedom of a designer to come up with the perfect design for a website before passing that design to a developer for them to lovingly create, in some cases this may be the best approach - but it is possible to take some shortcuts and save some money.

There are quite literally thousands and thousands of off the shelf templates and themes now available for every system and CMS under the sun some specific to a technology others more generic that can be convert for a particular system.

Taking a theme or template that closely matches a clients brief and then applying the clients design treatment over the top can save hours of development time and hence cut huge sums out of the project budget.

In today’s multi device world responsive websites are essential, using a responsive template set can save even great quantities of development time let alone the reduction in testing time on different devices, get in touch if you're interested in this approach and want to save some money on your project.

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