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The British Horseracing Authority are the UK governing body responsible for the regulation and promotion of racing throughout the UK. During my time at SOUK 360, BHA required a platform to allow them to effectively deliver email based marketing to their extensive database.

The database was composed of legacy contacts, contacts from special promotions and a regular feed of data from their E-Commerce website for UK race bookings. The E-Commerce feed contained detailed information on events booked, dates, value etc. BHA also had a requirement to send email data based on location – allowing them to target contacts in regions and by proximity to their local racing course.

We took the website data-feed and legacy data then fed it into a data model and web application. We built in the ability to send email campaigns via UK postcode, either as entire regions – for example the newsletter is targeted to Scotland, North England, South West England etc. or as granular as proximity to a particular race course.

We also included trigger functionality allowing BHA to automate the sending of individual emails based on criteria – for example based on the sales date send an email asking customers “did you have a great day?” and enclosing a short questionnaire the day after an event they had booked tickets for. We also included a client approval process before any email campaigns were delivered.

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